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Grow in your faith, discover your Spiritual Fingerprint, and become a great leader.

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At St. John, we believe that by growing in your faith, discovering your unique God given gifts and becoming a great leader will help with our mission. Connecting with Jesus, Connecting with Others and Changing the World. Take a look at the different classes we offer. There is something for everyone. No matter where you are in your journey...take the next step.

STEP ONE - Explore St. John

Discover what it means to follow Jesus, why you should be part of his church and about life at St. John.

This is a one hour class.

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STEP TWO - Connect at St. John

Learn what it means to be a simple church, about worship, small groups, missions, and discover your spiritual fingerprint through Gifts of Grace.

This is a four week class, one hour per week.
There will be a luncheon for attendees, staff and church leaders the Sunday after class is complete.

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STEP THREE - Explore the Faith

Discussion of Christian life, Lutheran theology and membership expectations.

This is an eight week class, one hour per week.

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STEP FOUR - Grow as a Leader

Our goal during this 9 month course is to train and equip leaders to be better leaders so that the kingdom of God will come to more people. We plan to cover topics such as Integrity in Leadership, Visionary Leadership, Cross-Generational relations, Goal Setting and much more, all in a Christ-centered environment. We will have a few books to read and discuss in small group settings and we will bring in well known speakers and community leaders.

There is a fee for this class.


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