Others matter to God so they matter to us.

Over 13% of our offerings go to support local and international missions.
Serve the Community

Through your generous hearts and willing hands, we will get through this! As needs of the community arise as a result of COVID 19, we will update them here so you can pitch in and make an impact with your resources.

Places to serve
Missions We Support

Texas District, Disciples of the Way, Metroplex Women's Clinic, Lutheran Bible Translators, The Journey UTA Student Center, Hope Coffee, CSI Ministries, Students going into full time church work.

Get Involved

Are you interested in using your gifts to support our missions?


Resources for Caring for Others

Mission work happens in many different places, including your own community. We will share relevant resources here to assist you in helping others during this difficult time of the COVID-19 virus.

Connecting with your Neighbors - a sample letter

Our busy, hectic lives of the past look a little bit different right now.  This is a perfect time to reach out to neighbors.  Not only the ones you know, but especially those you don’t.  Reach out and create a network right in your neighborhood.  It’s nice to let others know that they matter.

For a sample letter, click here.