Step 4 - Leadership

Our goal during this 9 month class is to train and equip leaders in a Christ-centered environment.

5 Leadership Lessons | 5 Books | 5 Field Trips - Scroll down for more information.

Our goal during this 9 month class is to train and equip leaders. We cover topics like Integrity in Leadership, Visionary Leadership, Cross-Generational relations, Goal Setting and much more, all in a Christ-centered environment. We will have a few books to read and will be taking field trips to local churches and businesses.

This class starts on September 17 and meets on Tuesday nights from 7p - 8p, twice a month for 9 months. There is a fee for this class. The cost of the books is included in this fee.

The cost for this class is $150 per person or $250 per couple. THE COST OF THE BOOKS IS INCLUDED IN THIS FEE. Register by June1 to receive a $20 discount per person or $40 per couple.

5 Books for Step 4

The Seven Primal Questions by Mike Foster is a groundbreaking guide to understanding everything about you and your relationships. Four years of research, 6000 hours of interviews, and 22 group labs has led to this profound roadmap for personal and professional growth.

The Seven Primal Question is a simple way of seeing your hidden programming, emotional needs, and supernatural gifts in a straightforward way. You’ll learn how to manage stress, anxiety, and life’s challenges. You will discover how to use your primal question to accelerate performance, build emotional fitness, and clarify your unique purpose.

Don’t get stuck in weird self-help philosophies, yogababble, or complex solutions for personal development. It’s time for some ultra-clarity, supercharged tools, and plain talk about how to take ownership of your life. With straightforward concepts and real-life stories, you’ll walk away with massive clarity on how to thrive today.

New York Times bestselling author, psychologist, and leadership expert Henry Cloud equips us to understand and manage trust for successful relationships through five foundational aspects.

Trust is the fuel for all of life. We are wired biologically, neurologically, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically to trust. Trust is the currency that drives every relationship, beginning with the foundational bond between infants and their mothers, extending to the trust networks that undergird every human endeavor – art, science, commerce – and binding together every relationship we have ever had or ever will have. Nothing in our world works without trust.

It is tempting to think that trust is simple, that we should be able to spot a lack of trustworthiness relatively easily. But we all have our stories about misplaced trust. We either missed clear or subtle warning signs or there just were not any warning signs to see. Everything looked good on the surface, and maybe it was. But we got burned anyway.

And sometimes we struggle to earn and keep the trust of those around us when trust bonds fail to form or are broken. When trust breaks down, so does our ability to move forward.

Dr. Cloud explores the five foundational aspects of trust that must be present for any relationship to function successfully and helps us to understand how to implement them. He also guides us through the difficult process of repairing trust when it has been violated and broken, even when restoring trust feels impossible.

Rich with wisdom drawn from decades of experience in clinical practice, business consulting and research, Trust is the ultimate resource for managing this most complex and fundamental of human bonds, allowing us to experience more fruitful and rewarding relationships in every area of our lives.

America’s most sought-after executive coach shows how to climb the last few rungs of the ladder.

The corporate world is filled with executives, men and women who have worked hard for years to reach the upper levels of management. They’re intelligent, skilled, and even charismatic. But only a handful of them will ever reach the pinnacle — and as executive coach Marshall Goldsmith shows in this book, subtle nuances make all the difference. These are small “transactional flaws” performed by one person against another (as simple as not saying thank you enough), which lead to negative perceptions that can hold any executive back. Using Goldsmith’s straightforward, jargon-free advice, it’s amazingly easy behavior to change.

Executives who hire Goldsmith for one-on-one coaching pay $250,000 for the privilege. With this book, his help is available for 1/10,000th of the price.

With explores the narrative of the Bible to show that we were created to be with God, and that restoring this connection is his mission. Instead of life overunderfrom, or even for God, what leads us into freedom and restoration is life with God.

Why are American Christians, who have more access to biblical teaching than any other people in history, failing to experience the freedom of the Christian life? Why are pastors, those closest to the work and ministry, burning out at an alarming rate? Why do many church members, who give large amounts of their time and wealth to Christ and his kingdom, secretly question the legitimacy of their efforts? And why are spiritual seekers dismissing the validity of the Christian message?

Is it possible we’ve misunderstood the call of the Christian life?

A life lived in rich communion with God cultivates faith, hope, and love in a way that transforms both us and the broken world we inhabit.

In With, you’ll find:

  • illustrations of concepts in the book to aid understanding;
  • recommendations for how to practice communion with God, including three helpful practices; and
  • a discussion guide for use when continuing the conversation with others in small groups.

“I’m tired of helping others enjoy God―I just want to enjoy God for myself.” With this painful admission, Ruth Haley Barton invites us to an honest exploration of what happens when spiritual leaders lose track of their souls. Weaving together contemporary illustrations with penetrating insight from the life of Moses, Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership explores topics such as

  • responding to the dynamics of calling
  • facing the loneliness of leadership
  • leading from your authentic self
  • cultivating spiritual community
  • reenvisioning the promised land
  • discerning God’s will together

Each chapter includes a spiritual practice to ensure your soul gets the nourishment it needs. Forging and maintaining a life-giving connection with God is the best choice you can make for yourself and for those you lead. This expanded edition includes the popular “How Is It with Your Soul?” assessment for leaders and a flexible six- or twelve-week guided experience for groups.

Guest Speakers

Dr. Kimberley Cantu, Superintendent of Mansfield ISD

Dr. Kimberley Cantu is in her 32nd year of service in public school education with 25 years of service to MISD.She began her career as a teacher and coach at Llano High School in 1992. The following year, she accepteda teaching and coaching position at Mansfield High School where she spent five years in the classroombefore becoming an assistant principal and then the academic associate principal of Mansfield High School.In a neighboring district, Dr. Cantu later served as a principal, a director in curriculum and instruction andexecutive director of human resources. She returned to Mansfield in 2012 as a director in humanresources and held various leadership roles in human resources before being appointed as the district’sdeputy superintendent. After being named the lone finalist in the Mansfield ISD superintendent search,Dr. Cantu was officially named the superintendent of Mansfield ISD on December 17, 2019, becoming thesecond female superintendent in the district's history.Dr. Cantu is passionate about preparing students to be college, career, and life ready through her workwith Vision 2030 and leadership of the national Redefining Ready cohort. Furthermore, her work onassuring all students are socially and emotionally astute and cared for, both in and outside of school, notonly supports her belief of having students be “life ready,” but shows her desire to put the best interestsof our students and families first.After earning her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in English from Tarleton State University,Dr. Cantu obtained her Mid-Management Administrator certificate from Texas Woman’s University andreceived her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Texas A&M-Commerce. She holds three statecertifications: Secondary English, Mid-Management, and Superintendent.Dr. Cantu believes in giving back to the community and is an active member of the Mansfield Rotary Cluband participates in Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity and other service projects.Kimberley is married to Jerry Cantu, a retired educator now works as a chief of staff in Tarrant County.They reside in Mansfield and have four daughters, two sons-in-law, and two grandbabies. Their oldest,Courtney, is a Mansfield High School and University of Texas at Arlington graduate, and teacher/coach.She and husband, Brad, have granddaughter, Mila James. Kendall, a graduate of Legacy High School, ownsand runs a construction company with her husband, Bryce. Together they have the newest grandbaby,Edward Alexander. Hannah attends Texas Tech University and is on track to be a teacher. Their youngestdaughter, Harper, is a middle school student in Mansfield ISD and loves to play volleyball and piano andrun.

Darin Charles, MD

Darin Charles, MD is a board-certified family physician and owner of Hometown Health, a direct primary care clinic in south Arlington. Dr. Charles has lived in the Mansfield/south Arlington area for over 30 years, and has been a practicing physician in the area since 2006. He also serves as the Medical Director of the Linda Nix Clinic, a charity clinic associated with the Mansfield Mission Center, and an Associate Professor with the Burnett School of Medicine based out of TCU. He previously worked with Methodist Health System as a family physician in Mansfield, and as the Associate Chief Medical Informatics Officer. Darin and his wife, Dana, have three children, and are actively involved in the community and their church, First Methodist Mansfield. He volunteers with MISD, providing school nursing oversight, and has served in student ministries at FMCM for several years, where he created and directs the Capstone program for high school seniors. Darin enjoys running, exercising and watching movies with his family in his spare time.

Tracy Aaron, Mansfield Chief of Police

Chief Aaron is married, celebrating over 38 years, is the father of three grown boys, and a grandfather of six. He has served in various capacities over his 33 years of service to the City of Mansfield including Patrol, Hostage Negotiations, Mounted Patrol, and SWAT. Chief Aaron graduated from the Texas A&M Police Academy, holds a Master Peace Officer license, a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, and a Masters in Criminal Justice from Tarleton State University. He is a graduate of Sam Houston State University’s Chief Leadership Program as well as their Jail Administration Management and Operation Program. Chief Aaron believes in community service. He served six years as the Mission Director for his church and was on the Founding Board of CASA of Johnson County. Chief Aaron is a member of the Texas Police Chiefs Association as well as the International Association of Chiefs of Police and serves on the Executive Board of the North Texas Chiefs Association. He was appointed to the position of Police Chief of Mansfield in August 2014 where he leads the Police Department and is responsible for over 164 employees comprised of 102 sworn officers, correction officers, and civilian employees.

Sam Russo Life.Church Mansfield, Pastor

I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Ruth, for the past 21 years and we have 3 kids. Before coming into ministry, I was an entrepreneur and started multiple business and sold them throughout my 20s and early 30s. Then felt the call to step onto the team with Life.Church in 2014. I have been a part of launching 3 churches with LC in the past 10 years and now get the honor to lead our Mansfield location and oversee the Texas campuses in my region.

Brian McFadden, Mansfield Mission Center Executive Director

With over 21 years of experience as the Compassion Pastor at Rush Creek Church, Brian joined the Mansfield Mission Center in August 2023. At Rush Creek Church, a multisite congregation with campuses in South Arlington, Mansfield, Grand Prairie, and Midlothian, Brian has played a key role in developing outreach centers and implementing various initiatives to support families in need. His leadership in establishing resource centers in South Arlington and East Fort Worth has provided vital resources and programming to assist families with immediate physical needs, as well as restorative programming aimed at helping individuals lead more purposeful and productive lives.Throughout his extensive career, Brian has worked closely with diverse cultures, nurturing a deep understanding and appreciation for global communities. He has successfully spearheaded projects in multiple countries, dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families through his compassionate approach to ministry.Brian is happily married to Sheryl, has two adult children, a daughter-in-law and a grandson.

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