Together, our gifts make a difference.

See below on ways to give.

Maximize Your Generosity

There are many ways you can support the mission of St. John.

Thanks to your generosity in the past year, we have been able to increase our giving to missions (now 16% of our offerings), grow our staff team, pay off $ 60,472 in debt over the last 12 months ($666,419 over the last 7 years) and offer resources like Ramsey+ free to members.

Give YOUR Money

BEST- Give Online through your Bank

You can give regularly, without being present and with no cost to St. John.

Set up Online Bill Pay for free through your financial institution.

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BETTER - Give by Check

Giving on Sundays during the worship service or mailing a check does not cost St. John anything.

Mail a check to the church office or drop it off In-Person during Sunday Services.

Mail to:
St. John Lutheran Church
1218 E. Debbie Lane
Mansfield, Texas 76063

BETTER - Pay digitally through Thrivent

You can give via credit card or EFT with no cost to St. John. It does take a few weeks to arrive.

Thrivent covers all processing costs, maximizing your giving to St. John. Please note - St. John does not receive a copy of your donation amount, please keep your receipt from Thrivent.

GOOD - Give Online through MySJC or via Credit/Debit Card

This allows you to give via draft or via credit card anytime, but it costs St. John 3% of your donation. Just sign in to your account.

You can give here via credit card without a MySJC account, but we highly recommend setting one up! Contact the church office for assistance.

Give through MySJC or via Credit/Debit Card


Thrivent Choice Dollars

St. John has received over $10,800 in the last 24 months.

If you are a Thrivent member and are eligible to direct Choice Dollars, choose St. John as your charity.

Click the link below or text THRIVENT to 833-440-0137 to give through Thrivent Choice Dollars.

Thrivent is a fortune 500 financial services organization providing financial advice, investment, insurance, banking and generosity programs. As you invest in YOUR future, you are also investing in the future of St. John.

Thrivent Choice Dollars
Texas CEF

St. John has received over $13,000 in the last 24 months.

CEF offers investments to fit everyone: individuals, congregations, and kids too! For every investment you make with the Texas Church Extension Fund, St. John benefits in the form of a rebate check each year. As you invest in YOUR future, you are also investing in the future of St. John.

Click the link below or text CEF to 833-440-0137 for more information.

Invest with CEF


St. John Endowment Fund

The St. John Endowment Fund provides a unique opportunity to express gratitude to God for the blessings we have received. Giving to the Endowment Fund allows your gift to support the ministry of St. John year after year. We have already received over $260,000 to date.

Giving Stock

If you own stock, consider the benefits of contributing appreciated stock. There is a double benefit to giving stock that you’ve held for more than a year. First, you avoid paying capital gains tax. In addition, you receive a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the stock at the time of the gift.

Giving Directly from Your IRA

If you’re at least 70 ½ years of age, you may now give a qualified charity (St. John qualifies) up to $100,000 directly from your IRA without triggering federal income taxes. The gift will also satisfy the rules for required minimum distributions for the year. Please consult with a tax professional before making such a distribution.