Amber Culver - God's perfect timing

Amber attends church with her children when a visiting pastor changes her life.

Cary Roddy - God's generosity

Cary discovers that the more he gives, the more God provides.

Wendy Hart - The power of prayer

During a road trip, Wendy realizes that prayer and an unexpected detour saved her life.

Steve Hawkins - God still performs miracles

After painful, debilitating carple tunnel syndrome plagues Steve for years, he is miraculously healed through prayer, never to be bothered by the condition again.

Mary Harris - God's words can get you through

Mary has experienced a lot of challeges in her life, but none greater than the death of her brother. She found strength in God's word and discovered He made her stronger.

John Taylor - God is in control?

After losing his job of 40 years, John finds that God is still in control - even through difficult times.

Laura Beattie - God reveals strengths and paths

Laura is having hard times. A difficult hike allows God to show her that, although we can't always see the path, He has one for us.

Debbie Strand - God shows up everywhere

Debbie and her family find God showing up everywhere through the diagnosis, surgery and recovery of her daughter, who was suffering from a brain tumor.

Wendy Hein - God has a plan

Wendy is wondering what God's plan for her is when she finds herself surrounded by people praising God while she tries to save a child's life.

Jeannine Shaw - God can speak to us and heal through scripture

Jeannine had a mass the size of a walnut that was confirmed to be cancer by three doctors. One scripture kept popping up in her life during that time and the mass disappered.

Melisaa Hulings - God brings people together. Read by Christiane Hobbs.

A visit to the doctor's office brings two people together in their sorrow and joy.

Connecting through Grillin' Groups provided unexpected benefits

The Gift of Love provides strength to a young single mother

The Gift of Peace Through Faith - Trusting in God while battling stage 4 cancer

The Gift of LIfe - A near death experience

A Gift from God - Freedom from Gambling