Vision 2025

Your faith matters to God.

Your faith matters to us.

Vision 2025 - Led by the Spirit

In 2019, St. John embarked on a journey to discover what God was revealing to us about where we should focus our direction and attention for the next five years.

After a year-long process involving a congregational wide survey, several focus groups, many revisions and a lot of prayer, the Vision 2025 - Led by the Spirit plan was shared. This plan identifies 6 key initiatives as being critical to the future of the church.

Join us in looking into the future of our faith and come along with us as we insure the opportunities to Connect with Jesus, Connect with Others and Change the World.

Six Key Initiatives in Our Vision 2025 - Led by the Spirit Plan

Strategic Partnerships

We believe God is calling us to STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS. We believe healthy churches should grow and help unhealthy ones get healthy. We will partner with our district, existing churches and organizations, sharing our resources, short term or long term. We are known as a congregation that is passionate about our mission and our willingness to help. God is using the ministry of St. John to transform lives.

Local and Global Missions

We believe God is calling us to LOCAL AND GLOBAL MISSIONS. We are called to go and make disciples. Every member is living on mission, serving in an area of their giftedness and passion. We are known for our generosity, willing to sacrifice so that those in need are helped and have the opportunity to hear about Jesus.

Raising up Future Leaders

We believe God is calling us to RAISE UP FUTURE LEADERS. We believe in Kingdom building. We have a growing number of interns that desire to come to serve, learn and be sent to go and transform another congregation. We intentionally invest in raising up the next generations that lead the church.

Reaching the Next Generation

We believe God is calling us to REACHING THE NEXT GENERATION. We will invest mightily in multi-generational ministry, raising up the next generation of believers. Everything we do demonstrates that we love and value children. We are actively involved in connecting older generations with younger ones so that support, wisdom and encouragement is passed in both directions.


We believe God is calling us to CREATIVE COMMUNICATION. We want everyone to hear the good news about Jesus. We are an innovative church, always seeking new opportunities and new ways to communicate the good news about Jesus. Because we have invested in technology, we are playing a part in having more lives transformed by Jesus.

Solid Financial Footing

We believe God is calling us to A SOLID FINANCIAL FOOTING. We believe that we are stewards of all the resources that He has given us. We take that responsibility seriously. We are a generous church because we have been faithful to build in healthy margins. We regularly call people to sacrifice not out of obligation but out of love to see more lives transformed by Jesus.

Vision 2025 Contacts

For more information on any of our Initiatives, contact the following:

Strategic Partnerships - Don Treude: [email protected]

Communication - Jan Cox: [email protected]

Local and Global Missions - Sue Dorn: [email protected]

Reaching the Next Generation - Roxanne Boyer: [email protected]

Raising up Future Leaders - Cory Smith: [email protected]

Solid Financial Footing - Jessica Lilley: [email protected]

For more information on Vision 2025 in General - Mike Hergenroeder: [email protected]