How often do you pray?
If not that often, why is that?
What do your prayers consist of?
Why pray if God already has a plan in place?

The sermon series below takes a look at what it means to have a real, talking relationship with God and what you can expect when you pray.

We also have resources to help you be intentional in praying.

Learn to talk with our Father online studies

Visit our Rightnow Media Prayer Channel to access resources for all ages. To sign up for a FREE Rightnow Media account, text SJLCM to 49775.

Talk with God Sermons

This series takes a look at what it means to have real, talking relationship with God and what you can expect when you pray.

Talk with God family resources

Talk with God @ Home is a focus on the significant and powerful topic of prayer. Together we will explore some insightful dynamics about prayer and be challenged to grow in the area of intentional connection with Christ and our family. As we embark on this journey, we hope you will deeply engage; this is a vital area of spiritual growth.

We have created a kit to equip you (and your family if applicable) to become more intentional about prayer. This is our gift to you with the hope that the information and activities will foster great conversations and experiences with your family or those in your community. The packet will have guides and idea cards for several ages/ stages of life…suggestions for singles, date night ideas for couples, family time activities for kids and teens. It includes practical ways to make it easy and more likely to Talk with God at home and help those around you to do the same.

Keep in mind that since there's something for everyone in each packet, there may be guides and idea cards in the packet that do not apply to your life stage. Simply pass those along to someone else, and you will have an impact on their prayer life as well!

You can pick up a packet in our Connect at Home Center or email us at [email protected] and provide us your mailing address.

You can also visit with the button below for online resources on the benefits of praying, how to get started, reminder tools, action plans and more.


We believe God is calling His church to reclaim the healing ministry of Jesus. We do not understand why some people get healed and others do not on this side of Heaven. More people get healed when prayed for than when they are not and God is the one who does the healing.

If you would like to be prayed for in person, please come up after either of the Sunday services, just stop by church during the week, or schedule an appointment with our prayer leaders. If you just want us to pray for you or want us to call and pray with you, click the link below.