Watch the video below and prayerfully consider how you can help.

"By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35

A Family Supressed

Zahra Sayeed, a college student at Dallas Baptist University, who recently escaped Afghanistan has two younger sisters still trapped in Afghanistan, Mina Abdul Baqi Sayeed (age 16) and Arya Abdul Baqi Sayeed (age 18). They are presently living with their mother (who worked for a company subcontracted out by the US government), 2 older sisters and an older brother. Their father passed away recently. Because of the conditions in the country, they are no more safe and no longer able to attend school or have any opportunity for their future. We would like to save their lives and give them an opportunity for a better life in America. Watch their story below and prayerfully consider helping us help them. God Bless! Scroll past the video for more details about this effort.

We can give them an opportunity for a better life in America through an F1 Visa. This requires a I20 form from a private educational institution that has been authorized by the federal government to do so. Pantego Christian Academy qualifies and is willing to issue the form. We have an attorney from New York that is willing to file all the paperwork for their visa pro bono.

We would like to fund their first year of education here and provide a host family for them.

The Needs:

Airfare $4,000 for two flights as soon as they get their visa
Education - $39,050 for two girls at Pantego for one year
Health Insurance - $1632 for two girls
Immediate Needs - $1000 (SIM card, electronic supplies, E.T.C)
TOTAL - $45,682

Host family(ies) to provide a home through high school education.

The Steps:
Pray - getting a visa will require a miracle
Raise Money
Find Host Home
Apply for F1 Visa
Buy tickets for flights
Welcome them to America and a new opportunity
After first year, apply for asylum status, allowing them to attend public schools