Connect at Home

Helping You Build a God-honoring home

Connect at Home Tools

Connect at home is a strategy to help you become more intentional about building a God-honoring home one step at a time. You can do it! We are here to help. For resources, visit the Connect at home Center in the St. John lobby, use the Digital Resources Button above.

My Home Plans

We encourage all family members to take the Connect at Home Aprraisal several times a year to assess how intentional you have been at home and to help you decide what small steps you can take next.


With more than two dozen topics, Connect at Home Pointers provide a biblical perspective on the most common family seasons and challenges, along with recommended resources and a description of ministries available at St. John for additional suppport.

Idea Cards

Idea Cards make it easy for couples, parents and grandparents to take one small step to become more intentional at home, including marriage date nights, family time activities, connecting with your teen, mealtime conversations, movie night chats, etc.

Faith Path

We offer free kits to train & jump-start you on the age-appropriate strategy for your child's faith formation from birth through age eighteen. Each kit includes a training video, guide, starter ideas, and other helpful elements.

Faith-Filled Holidays

Most holidays are either rooted in a Christian faith tradition or can be used as natural launching points for faith and relationship building conversations. We provide tools to help you become intentional during holiday celebrations.

Going Deeper Opportunities

While we believe the home to be the primary place of spiritual formation, the church is an important partner in that journey. That is why St. John offers a variety of small groups, ministry programs and resources designed to come alongside your family's faith journey.

Connect at Home Tools

Resources are available at the Connect at Home Center in the St. John lobby or you can request them using the Digital Resources button below.