Milestone Members Luncheon Kickoff

We kicked off our 40th anniversary celebration in July 2021 with a luncheon for members who were instrumental in getting St. John started back in 1981. Some of them shared their stories with us. We want to share those stories with you!

Do you have a story to share with us about your faith walk at St. John? We would love to hear it! Click the blue RECORD YOUR VIDEO TRIBUTE button below. If you don't want to provide your story on video, you can send your written testimony to us at [email protected]

Milestone Members Tribute to St. John (condensed - 3 min.)

Milestone Members Tribute to St. John (full version - 15 min.)

Praise & Patriotic Concert

On September 11, we celebrated out First Responders and Military with a Praise & Patriotic Concert.

Old Fashioned Work Day

On August 25, 2021 the congregation came together in honor of our 40th Anniversary and gave His house some love.

Heritage Worship Celebration & Lunch

We will celebrate our past with the congregation and look to the future during our last official 40th Anniversary Celebration. There will only be one service this day.